The Harris Symphony® suite provides improved situational awareness, safety, security, environmental compliance and operational efficiency for airports and their stakeholders.

2020欧洲杯正规平台The solutions deliver an integrated aviation management platform that provides airport operators with tools that assist in the proactive management of surface operations, airfield and perimeter security, noise monitoring and community engagement, gate management, billing, vehicle tracking, traffic flow monitoring and airport analytics.

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Symphony Solutions:

  • ADS-B Xtend for Airports – lightweight system that provides coverage on airfield areas that lack current radar coverage or have intermittent tracks displayed
  • Airfield Radar System (ARS) – complete solution for airfield security and non-cooperative surveillance
  • Airport Analytics Workbook – analysis tool that makes understanding, reporting on and sharing airport performance data with decision makers quick and easy
  • EnvironmentalVue® – secure, web-based application built on the high-quality tracking data provided by our multilateration and Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) surveillance technologies
  • GateVue™ – application that optimizes gate and airport surface area use, improving efficiency and reducing airport congestion
  • MobileVue® – mobile situational awareness display system that integrates easily with existing displays to show real-time surveillance data for aircraft and vehicles
  • NextGen Data Subscription – aircraft operators, airports and key industry stakeholders can streamline business operations and more with a subscription to the NextGen data stream
  • OpsVue™ and OpsVue™ 2020 – Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) application that improves the business performance of airports, aircraft operators and aviation stakeholders
  • PlanePass – automated, turn-key, full-service aircraft fee billing and collection system
  • PublicVue™ – integrated, web-based solution that provides the public with an accurate, complete and reliable tool to visualize aircraft traffic
  • RangeVue – aviation-grade, airspace situational awareness tool that integrates unmanned aircraft system (UAS) operations safely into the National Airspace System (NAS)
  • Vantage Automated Aircraft Identification System – suite that automatically identifies aircraft using ground-based cameras fused with flight-tracking radar, allowing staff to better understand, manage, and report on operations
  • Vehicle Movement Area Transponder (VMAT) – the only universal access transceiver (UAT) ADS-B vehicle-tracking unit certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)