Hostile forces use every available technology to track movement of friendly ocean-going vessels. For decades, L3Harris has taken pride in providing robust components to negate these threats. Our extensive engineering capabilities continue to provide sensors of all types used in the most demanding environments that lie beneath the ocean’s surface.

For more than 50 years, L3Harris has met the U.S. Navy’s requirements for naval underwater acoustic transducers, arrays, torpedoes and systems for communication and navigation sonars. L3Harris brings unique personnel teams and a world-class facility with the complete design, engineering, manufacturing, test and field service capability to successfully address underwater acoustic program needs.

Transducers and arrays developed and produced at L3Harris include a wide range of submarine and surface ship applications for passive and active anti-submarine warfare (ASW), ASW training, underwater communications and depth sounding. Platforms equipped with L3Harris systems include all U.S. Navy Class submarines, international diesel and electric submarines, U.S. Navy surface combatants and numerous world navies’ surface combatants.