L3Harris’ airborne sensing solutions provide the complete theater of operations picture for persistent intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions.

In support of aerial surveillance programs, L3Harris' leading-edge airborne data collection, onboard processing, multi-sensor integrated programs, and targeting and tracking motion analytics extract meaningful information. Our electro-optical, infrared, multispectral, hyperspectral, and LiDAR2020欧洲杯正规平台 systems capture and process imagery to provide key intelligence for end users. Our capabilities enable fast, mission-critical intelligence for the complete collection to intelligence solution used in today's persistent intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions. 

L3Harris' technology speeds up the time from data collection to decision with:

  • Multi-modal intelligence data processing, visualization, and analysis 
  • Integration of the system and qualification of payloads
  • Test and verification of all processing components
  • Processors and electronics that digitize and compress the imagery
  • Real-time dissemination solutions

Delivering the Complete Picture with Remote Sensing

Rapid Remote-sensed Terrain Mapping - Our Geiger-mode LiDAR sensors deliver airborne-collected LiDAR data, processed on board for real-time topographic mapping with high accuracy across rugged terrain, densely forested areas, or heavily populated urban areas.

Hyperspectral Detection and Identification - L3Harris' imaging solutions, combined with proprietary onboard processing capabilities, provide rapid exploitation of airborne hyperspectral imagery used to identify asymmetric threats.

Wide-area Motion Imagery Solutions - L3Harris' wide-area motion imagery airborne surveillance systems provide context to data collected on multi-intelligence platforms and deliver real-time detection and tracking of high-value targets. Learn more about our motion tracking capabilities here.